Who is Nicholas Fairbairn?

Nicholas is a Freedom Creator, Truth Seeker, Entrepreneur, Life and Business Coach.

At his core, Nicholas is a visionary, confident manifestor and has a deep realisation that there is a better way. He has taken himself to the edge of human evolution (sometimes a little too far) and is fully present in his body and life purpose which is the evolution of Joy on this planet and this is what makes him a Kick-Ass Mentor and Coach. He will hold you accountable to your dreams as he see’s your greatness sometimes well before you do and he does not apologize for that.

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For those of you are out there looking for a new direction in life, Nicholas may be the business partner you are looking for.

Here are some of his accomplishments since starting his business 3 years ago:

     He reached Diamond in December 2016

     He has supported many leaders to rank advance including:

     1 platinum leader Avg Income $107,000
     4 Gold Leader Avg income $57000
     11 Silver Leaders Avg income $26000
     24 Premier Leaders Avg Income $7200
     265 Elite Leaders $3600

He has developed some extremely effective strategies and incredible support and tools for those who want to come along on the ride.

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