I am going to make a pretty bold statement here.
If everyone is given an Aromatouch once a week there will be no war.

From the moment we are born to the final days of our lives, hardship became a
central aspect of the human experience — impacting our physical, mental and
emotional health, and quite literally shaping the way we go through our lives.
There are thousands of studies that recently confirm what we all know inside of us.
   Newborns that are given nurturing touch grow faster and
have more improved mental and motor skill development.

   Children that are raised with more physical interaction
tended to be less aggressive and violent.

   Partners who cuddle have been shown to have lower stress
levels and blood pressure and improved immune function.

    Elderly people who receive the soothing, affirming experience
of touch have been shown to better handle the process of
aging and passing with dignity.
After teaching and connecting with people across the globe, there is one
common thread that I have noticed people are craving, that is connection.
We are starved for human touch
That is why the AromaTouch® Technique is perfect for you.

The Aromatouch technique combines
the power of touch with the world’s
best essential oils, doTERRA.

Teaching people about this is a
passion of mine because I have seen it
do wonders myself.

Adding this to your wellness program
not only will enable you to reap its
benefits but also completely change
the dynamic of your family
and loved ones.
6 Hours of Instruction (both classroom and experiential)
AromaTouch® Technique Oil Kit (8 oils)
Official AromaTouch® Technique Manual
AromaTouch® Technique Certification
Whenever someone is feeling stressed, overwhelmed or
disconnected. You now have an added skill so helpful
that it will bring them back to their normal joyous self.
Reconnecting them ultimately to the that rightful
state of balance.
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Remember that joy is our birthright and if you are an empath like I am,
supporting others puts a smile on your dial. The best thing about aroma touch
is that even though you are giving to someone you love, you also reap the
benefits of the beautiful aromas.

It’s also so simple that even if you are in a hurry, you can give someone
an aroma touch hand technique while sitting with them
briefly and even on the go
And yes, it feels so good to change someone’s day
in less than 5 minutes.


If you are thinking of incorporating The
Aromatouch technique here’s a tip.
I still laugh that people pay me to give
an Aromatouch because the whole
time I get to breathe in and feel these
amazing essential oils. 
For you massage therapists out there, the Aromatouch Technique gives you
another service to add so that you can give your hands a rest and also enable your clients of experience.