I Had Written My Suicide Letter

You see to some, this is just a cool picture, however, this oil and this journey mean so much to me as without it I wouldn't be here, and I am not talking about Macchu Picchu I am talking about being on this planet.

So let me take you back. I have has a great life, a few very dark and rough patches, but overall pretty bloody good. 

However, now I am going to take you through one of my dark patches. I had been working for club crawls in Surfers Paradise and living a pretty easy life. Most were envious of my lifestyle as I ultimately got paid to party and I got paid well. My best ever was $8000 in 3 days over a schoolies period. 

So yes, I was a party boy selling club crawl tickets and the MC of the party tour which in peak season would be more than 400 people on a party. It was rockstar lifestyle and the best job ever in your 20's as I would work high season then travel every year. 

Ok, so we haven't got to the dark side yet, it's still pretty good, haha. However, when I was 25 I got glandular fever and pneumonia.

I was sooooooo sick it. I went from being a guy who was full of life and spark to an absolute zombie. Do you know what it feels like to be a 25-year-old man who has the body of a 90-year-old? It took its toll on me. All my pizazz was gone and every little task was overwhelming. I was constantly sick for years as I tried everything to get better.

Now I am not going to talk about the oils on my health recovery as that was not their greatest impact. 

Fast forward a couple of years and I was on my recovery journey (pre oils) then I got introduced to the oils. This is when life turned around. As there is only so long a man can go on with no hope.

Yes, my body had started recovering, but the new demon I was fighting was hope, I had no money, no energy and had no direction. I couldn't think of anything worse than doing the club crawls even though I wasn't drinking anymore. So I had left that and started my own small personal training and health coach business as I was so passionate about it. The issue was though, that I was still struggling with energy so after helping my clients I was completely drained and I didn't have enough clients to sustain what I was doing. I felt like a complete failure, financially I was empty, emotionally I was empty, physically empty. 

I had just had enough. I had given up. This is when I had written my letter as the thought of eternal sleep seemed so much more appealing than opening my eyes in the morning. I was done.

Along came the oils and the business opportunity. The saving grace in my life. I was like wait a minute, every single skill set I have ever learnt applies to this and I know I can do this.

Its supporting people in health and wellness but I don't have to get up at 5:30 am not because I didn't want to but because I physically just couldn't do it.

My Holistic Health Practitioner and Personal training skills applied, my sales skills applied, my management skills applied, my MC skills applied it was almost too good. Then I saw the money you could make and I was like holy shit I am in.

The business opportunity gave my mind something to focus on rather than eternal sleep. It gave me an exit strategy out of my debt, I could do it at my own pace as I was still adrenally exhausted and some days I just needed to sleep and nurture myself. Plus, I just remember it opened me up to possibilities again and most of all, my soul felt alive as the oils were another weapon in my arsenal to support me to reclaim my health and wellness.

Many of you have only seen me in my glory, but it hasn't always been this way. I still need to be very cautious of my body as my adrenals are still not 100% so I do things at my pace. I use my internal compass of the intensity that I build my business and generally take winter out for internal work and a few classes here and there.

In closing why does Frankincense mean so much to me? It's the one oil I just understood straight away. The oil of truth, I had so many doubters, negators and downright nasty people on this journey but Franky always made sure I had stayed on track.

Yes, I ran away a few times, cried in a ball in the shower of why things happened and how people could treat me like that. But Franky always was there to remind me that I am a leader and everything that has happened to me is to show others there is hope and to always just be my joyful self no matter how many people try to bring me down or question who I am. 

Franky just whispered, be your truth and all will work out, and it has and I am only getting started with almost 4000 members in the Team Oilsome family and averaging over $300,000 sales a month, with many many senior leaders and upcoming leaders including 1 platinum leader, 4 Gold leaders, 9 silver leaders, 22 premier leaders and 243 Elite Leaders.

So it's just one of those bring tears to your eyes moments that this photo represents me. For once in my life, listening to my truth no matter what was thrown at me, and how much heartache and disappointment along the way, not only Franky but all those physical and non-physical beings that just had my back and held the space for me to not give up even when I wanted to.

So yeah here's to the good times full of love, abundance and joy. 

If you can feel this article and are ready to make some positive changes, contact me and join the dream team, it will be challenging but bloody worth it. Click the link below when you're ready :)

Yours INJoy,


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