I Love Naps!

Have I ever told you how much I love naps? It's actually one of my favourite parts of my business. 

Here is a typical conversation I have with myself (Yes I know this is the first sign of craziness ;)

Me: We should have a nap.

Also Me: Sounds Amazing.

However, it didn't always use to be like this, as the conditioning I had from society and judgment from others affected me.

Here is how it used to be,

Me: I'd really love a nap right now.

Also me: No, you cant. People will think you're lazy.

Especially when I first started my business. I was actually on Centrelink after pretty much having a mental breakdown and just leaving my old work cold turkey. Still having a mortgage and debts with no real idea how to repay them.

But the reality was, my body was tired and I hadn't looked after my mental and emotional health. So I was really stuck in a dilemma, LISTEN TO MY BODY or LISTEN TO MY LOGICAL MIND.

Logical mind was saying you need to work, and I was also worried about what others thought of me. Especially because my life before had evolved around how much money or power I had now that I felt I had neither. I kind of just felt like a spiritual bum finding myself whilst my debts racked up.

It was actually one of my most challenging moments, just surrendering. Guilt was something that popped up regularly. I felt so guilty for being on Centrelink and having a nap because I truly felt like I was taking advantage of the situation and not really pulling my weight in society, even though I desperately just needed a break.

I could hear voices of certain people in my head and every moment I went to relax and surrender, the guilt would overwhelm me. But when I did actually surrender, I felt so much joy and so refreshed after. The more I did this the more I softened. 

One big moment was when I was having a Reiki Session with my Reiki Master Sally Love from Unity Wellbeing (highly recommend her) and she told me that my guides were telling me my new sleep pattern and guess what there were naps in it. It was such a relief as I just still hadn't fully trusted my body and had let the negative voices override my instincts.

So why is this? why is that we as a society have created "DOING" a thing to work towards? Even that statement of working towards really explains our society and how sick it is. Working towards what exactly? Status, power, money, joy, freedom, love?

Freedom, joy and love are big ones for me but how can we work towards them when we can't be in those moments now. Most of us, including me, at the time, don't love ourselves, are slaves of our circumstances and because most of us would prefer not to own that we have created our situation we play victim, which means we can never truly be free. And Joy this is my new big one. We never give ourselves permission to have joy even though no matter how busy we are there are moments of joy all around us and we can choose to accept them or ignore them at any given moment.

So my tip of the day for what its worth is, own where you are, decide what you want and move towards creating a life of joy, freedom and love. The more you focus on creating more space and time to receive these gifts which are our birthright, the more we see it was there all along.

If you are looking for a life of more naps and do not have an exit strategy, contact me and I can show you my formula for living a life of passion and purpose and create your 4 Year Retirement Plan.

Anyways, it's been great. But its time for a Nap.

Yours INjoy,


Nicholas Fairbairn
Founder Of Oilsome
Professional Napper

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