Why Australians will not support their mates.

This really needs to be talked about as its starting to get a little ridiculous. Today yet another one of my friends messaged me saying they bought some essential oils from a shop.

Now of course part of me is stoked that they are taking a direction in the way of looking after their health and wellness. The other part of me is saying seriously.

Now lets get to the root cause.

Aussies say they are all about mateship but to be honest I don't see this when people start working towards their dreams.

Tall poppy syndrome creeps in. The truth is people would rather give money to the shops then their mates making any type of profit.

I have actually had people say this to me "I don't want you making money off me". Of course I would make money off you its an exchange of services.

If you gave me money not only would you receive the best essential oils in the world but you would also get my team and our world class support. So I feel the exchange is actually in your favour. Eg I could charge you $222 an hour if you really want as that is my fee for an hour one on one consult, but I include a consult with me in the price of your kit of oils because I actually give a shit.

I have sat and contemplated and thought is it better for people to go buy from shops. The answer that runs through my whole body is a clear BLOODY NO ITS NOT.

Not because I have a chip on my shoulder but its because I know who I am and I know what my team and I do. We are world leaders in health and wellness and the passion runs through our veins.

It still however seems people would just rather go to a shop and hand over money to someone they do not know and will not get support from and be completely on their own to learn.  

Well actually what normally happens is they come and try and ask me for advice and expect me to give it to them because I am their mate.      

Why should I though I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on education and personal development what makes you so special?

So I ask you this if you have not supported me why should I support you?

 First of all you haven't really valued my advice my recommendations if you would have you would have purchased oils through me. You have kind of half listened and to be honest I value my time so do not really want to work with those that say they want to be healthy but take every shortcut possible.

I actually watch many of you repeat this cycle some of you that I love dearly have been doing this for years now. Its excruciating to watch because it sucks that I know I can help.

But i have to be careful as because I care alot you can take the piss.

Now i don't recommend my essential oils for everyone although i truly think almost everyone would have a radical shift in health and happiness in their life.

But when i do recommend them its because they are what I feel will benefit you the most.

Here is how a typical conversation goes

Them: Hey Nick how are you?

Me: Im awesome and you?

Them: Ok

Me: Why only ok?

Them: (Insert current life situation and them telling me they need support)

Me: (Absorbs the information then gives what i feel will support them the most sometimes this is essential oils)

Them: Yeah sounds just like what i need tell me more

me: we chat for a bit i give them heaps of support and information

Them: A week or two later: I just got some oils

Me: (In my mind FFS)

So here is me making a declaration to the world and I challenge all empaths to do the same Create a clear boundary. Yes you are there for people but if they would prefer to support someone else business and dreams because they don't want you making money then let them get support from that person.'

And if you are guilty of this pattern STOP IT. Its embarrassing now.

Stop wasting your friends times trying to get free information off them knowing you have no intention of actually buying from them. Go into the shop and waste their time.

In closing I know what I offer is at the forefront of health and lifestyle. Ultimately what I am creating is a paradigm shift in living.

Guess what I also don't need you. Yes it would be cool to have you live the quality of life I live with an endless amount of adventure, learning, connection, health, happiness and opportunity but if the programming of my friend will make money of me scares you then its ok for you to settle for second best.

This message comes from my heart as I see so many of you repeating this cycle in all areas of your life and you are unhappy, ultimately its a pattern to protect you from receiving, to make sure no one ever holds you accountable and also to keep you disconnected from community.

So i ask the question. How is this working for you?

 If you wake up everyday buzzed on life I am so pumped for you. If not maybe you need oils and maybe you need my support and the tribe and the adventure. Yeah its the unknown but maybe that is exactly what you need.

So don't be scared reach out if you need help and support. If I feel you need oils I will tell you as I stand by what I do. If I told feel you need them I will direct you in the direction that I feel is best for you.

yours InJoy

Nicholas Fairbairn
Founder Of Oilsome
Holistic Health Practitioner
doTERRA Diamond Leader
Aromatouch Instructor

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