• Why a doTERRA Business is Perfect for Digital Nomads

Are you envious of how much I travel? Be honest, just a little ;).

I have always loved travelling. So far, I have been to over 30 countries and also travelled extensively around Australia. What I love most is the sense of adventure, new cultures, new experiences and of course, amazing new foods. Mmmm.

What I noticed though, is that in the past I had to work really hard, restrict myself to save for a holiday, this meant I missed out on so many amazing things whilst I lived at home because I was saving for my holiday.

Then I heard of the term digital nomad. To be honest I had no real idea what it meant and kind of palmed it off.

When I pretty much had a mental breakdown and realised how depressed I was, I decided to start my own business or what my leadership team and I now call a "Lifestyle Business".

I decided that I was going to build my income and business around the life I wanted to live, never just chasing the almighty dollar.

This meant my business needed to include copious amounts of beach time, naps and travel. Plus the flexibility to say to myself (because I am my own boss), "No I don't want to work today", no matter how many things need to be done I need a rest for my physical, mental or emotional health, no questions asked.

In the beginning, I thought I would need to make some sacrifice so I said for the first two years of my business I would take a little time away from travel to put my head down, bum up and work. The reality was though that in my first two years I travelled more than I ever had before.

So now, I am calling on all those that want what I have. For a while, I hid back and didn't talk it up but now I am sharing it plain and simple, my life rocks. I am free in my body, mind and spirit and also at this exact moment if I chose to, could never work a day in my life again and have more than enough residual income to live happily ever after.

What I have decided though is, and why I got into this business in the first place, is I bloody love essential oils and they have reshaped my life.

I have truly learnt about my purpose on this planet and that is "The Evolution Of Joy" for the human species. My first target is to empower 100,000 families to reclaim their health by reaching their personal, professional and spiritual possibilities.

I am now in the planning phase to spend a large proportion of my year overseas, probably 6 to 8 months. Last year I spent 2 months overseas doing humanitarian work with doTERRA overseas and climbing Mount Everest Base Camp, the other mate was travelling with 3 of my best mates Markus, Gordon and Marko adventuring through South America.

Now let's get back to why doTERRA and specifically working with me and the Oilsome team is perfect for the Digital Nomad. Here is my top 6:

1) doTERRA Essential oils are super easy to travel with. I now take my whole kit and a diffuser and get nothing but compliments and inquiries about what they are.

2) You save so much space whilst travelling - Example, do you know what 1 bottle of lavender can do? Pretty much everything but some main ones are after sun, getting a good nights sleep on a plane, whenever you are feeling a little anxious and any annoying bugs.

You could take your home essentials kit and a diffuser and be completely set for your entire trip. Of course, you would add a couple of your extra favourites. For me, balance, passion, motivate and in tune are mandatory.

3) doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world so have head offices in so many places. The people you meet travelling even if you are in a country that doTERRA are not in are generally from somewhere that doTERRA is. This means you can quite quickly create a global business.

4) Because the oils are so easy to travel with its easy to build your brand as you can take so many photos and videos and in so many cool places. Example, I took the Lifelong Vitality Pack to the Everest Base Camp and the Ice Blue Rub to Machu Picchu in South America

5) The doTERRA business model is based on part-time sharers so it's really designed to give you lots of breaks. Some network marketing companies dangle the carrot at the beginning and you may make great cash but the residual income is almost nonexistent. You are always having to work hard. With doTERRA, when maintaining a rank your residual income is pretty solid. This is due to the fact that 88% of people in your business are just customers that want the oils at wholesale price. This creates a very solid customer base.

6) A big part of doTERRA is their Healing Hands Foundation which is all about humanitarian work, so if you are passionate about making a change in the world, again it ties in. I got to be a part of building a school in Nepal last year. It was ultimately the best experience of my life.

So if you have a big heart, it is perfect. For me, the digital nomad lifestyle is actually not about being FREE as I can be, sitting on my couch at home. It's about showing others there is a better way of living and having the flexibility to be where I need to be to serve people most.

If you're ready to live a life of passion and purpose contact me in the link below,


In closing, I need your help where should I live next year. Bali, Vanuatu, Tonga, Philippines, India or Europe?

Join me in A Paradigm Shift In Living

Yours In Joy,


Nicholas Fairbairn
Founder Of Oilsome
doTERRA Diamond
Holistic Health Practitioner
Aromatouch Instructor

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