This Is The Photo Of A Very Happy Man

This is a photo of a very happy man. 

You see, this year I have made some very significant changes in my life. All these changes have been moving towards, getting the girl, getting my health back and travelling with her, living the digital nomad lifestyle, something I have always dreamed about.

I have been a little bit quiet on social media and my website as I have been getting S#!t done.

A bit over a month ago I decided to move back into the investment unit that I had neglected for a long time. The plan is to do it up so I can get better tenants or AirBnb.

I decided to clean it out and do some renovations. Get it painted, re-floored, new lights and new furniture. I also decided I would sell my car.

So back to what happened.

The painters finished up yesterday and I couldn't find my car keys. I looked everywhere, then started to panic. Had I self-sabotaged? I've done it before when on the path to my greatness, so why not again?

I sat quietly and asked my pendulum where my car keys where. It said no to the house and yes to Amy's car. So I went down, drove it out of the garage and into the light and thoroughly searched it to no avail.

At this point, I started ranting to myself. You see spirit, this is why no one believes in you because you tell lies and make false promises.

Then I got straight back in my monkey mind. Stressed about it all day, thought of all the worse case scenarios, (eg getting a whole new ignition made and even started thinking that the whole car is useless without that key). Got my tenants to help me look even under pot plants. I was getting to that point where I just wanted to curl into a ball and cry (yes men cry and it's a great way to release emotions).

Then Amy called as she does. That beautiful smile lit me up and I asked her to get her higher self to manifest with my higher self to find the keys.

I kid you not. I then rubbed some Intune on my forehead walked straight down to the car, turned my light on my phone, looked under the seat, nope. Looked down the side of the seat, no (remember I had already looked there). Then something shimmered.

I looked again from an angle this time and there they bloody were.

So my lesson for today is to trust myself and the tools that I use. They have served me incredibly well in life and also to trust in what I call spirit, some call source or God, that something or someone has your back and wants you to live the life you deserve.

Have you disconnected from your higher self and are you doing things the hard way? It's tiring physically and emotionally. I could have had the most epic day but instead was miserable and depressed all day.

Time to tap into the magic and opportunities all around us

Yours InJoy ( well not most of today),

Nicholas Fairbairn
Founder Of Oilsome
Holistic Health Practitioner
doTERRA Diamond Leader
Aromatouch Instructor

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