Connection or Pride. What Serves You Better?

This is my bestie, Shennae from Shennae Lucas- Happy, Healthy, Easy. She was one of the first people who joined my business 4 years ago and she has created a flourishing sustainable business that earns her over 75k a year, which I am so proud of her for determination and gratitude, for not only what she has done but who she has become during the process.

However working with friends is not always easy there was a good 6 month period where we didn’t talk, ultimately we had a major falling out (was bound to happen as we both used to be pretty bloody stubborn). I honestly never thought we would talk to each other again and it sucked, every day I hurt but my pride was too strong. Then one day we both decided to put on our big boy and big girl pants and make up. We shared everything we were completely raw with each other and after it, all our friendship blossomed again. You see, what’s more important, being right or connection?

Especially when we were both right in our own minds, in the end, it didn’t really matter it was petty and we both realised how petty it was.

You see our businesses grew so fast that we on day dot were thrown into leadership, people needed us and because we are both born to serve we did what was needed, however, we did it at our own expense. We became bitter, snappy and grumped and both said and did things we are not proud of.

We now have learnt incredible skills and tools so we can support others so they don’t have to go through the heartache we did.

One of these is so powerful but simple.

Before every conversation, we use F or W.

F means friend. As a friend, if Shennae asks me if I am free, I am always there for her.

W means work. If Shennae messages me outside of my work hours I get back to her when I can and vice versa, no exceptions to this, as we have both learnt that time is our most precious resource.

This has literally saved our friendship and sooooo simple. Try it out.

This photo was taken at the farm in Byron Bay only a few days ago. Shennae and I spent two days there just hanging out as friends. NO WORK TALK was the rule we just enjoyed each others company and I got to really connect with Aria who was such a pleasure to be around.

I close by asking you this.

Is pride really serving you or would making up or asking for support open up more pathways and possibilities?

Yours InJoy
Nicholas Fairbairn

Nicholas Fairbairn
Founder Of Oilsome
Holistic Health Practitioner
doTERRA Diamond Leader
Aromatouch Instructor

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