Meet the Oilsome Team

Get to know more about the Oilsome team. We are proud to have the most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals as part of the team. We are all passionate about what we do. Scroll down to view the team members’ bio.


HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner, Hay House Earth Diet Coach in Qualifications) Certified Personal Trainer, Earth Diet Coach, PPS, AromaTouch Instructor and TLC Practitioner. As heard on HAY HOUSE RADIO, Recommended by CHEK INSTITUTE and FITNESS AUSTRALIA.

Nicholas grew up having many health issues. As a child, he was a chronic asthmatic and was always getting sick with one thing or another. As he aged his asthma improved to the point where he did not need inhalers anymore. However, then came a new challenge. Being a teenager meant lots of drinking and lots of junk food! This lifestyle continued until at 25, he got to the point where he partied so hard he could not get out of bed. He did the typical guy thing, went to the doctor and got antibiotics, thinking he only had a chest infection (he had many before) and kept living his outrageous overworking and partying lifestyle. Turns out though he was misdiagnosed and what he actually had was Pneumonia. He literally felt like dying every day. Once properly diagnosed he was put on more antibiotics and his health continued to deteriorate. Next led to Glandular Fever (Mono) and adrenal exhaustion. This is the moment he became really scared. He could barely look after himself or function at all. He was chronically depressed, anxious and stressed all of the time, he could not figure a way out. He had reached a point where life felt pointless. Luckily, he was directed to a CHEK practitioner and somehow started to improve. He was fascinated to learn everything that he had ever been taught about health was wrong. Every day his health improved, slowly but steadily.

Fast forward to now. He has dedicated the last seven years to living, breathing and being healthy. He feels amazing on a daily basis and his number one passion in life is watching the spark of life come back into peoples eyes. He believes we all know what is best for ourselves, to be who we really are with all areas of life and his hand is always out for those who need it and ask for it. He is a cheeky but humble coach who will coach you to success, even if you may not like what he tells you 100% of the time, especially when you don’t. Then he is your man. 🙂

Our Leaders AKA Team Oilsome


Holistic Chef and Wellness Advocate

Shennae Is a Chef by trade. She has worked in all different types of restaurants, cooking a range of cuisines that incorporate many different tastes and styles from all over the globe. From a small cafe where they made 40-year old traditional Indonesian, Italian and French food, to modern Australian cuisine at the Sydney Opera house. With a passion for food, animals' health and vitality, Shennae uses Essential Oils in her daily life. Living in Darwin is somewhat challenging to find good quality fresh produce. With the assistance of the Essential Oils, they top up the nutrient-depleted components of her diet. Shennae discovered Essential Oils after suffering from hormonal acne for over 4 years. Since discovering Essential Oils she has improved her overall health in many aspects. Shennae incorporates the oils into her cooking, she treats her pets/hobby farm and all of her friends with Essential Oil blends. 

Shennae has a rich and vibrant personality which makes for a good laugh and a good friend. Her eagerness to learn more about alternative medicine and an attitude of “I’ll try anything once” makes for an intelligent and open-minded person. Her experiences have led her to success in many aspects of her life including her health, wealth, spiritually, physically and emotionally.


My life’s journey so far. Coming from a large close family where we all had to pull together to make ends meet, as there were so many of us, you learnt how to compromise and share. We all started working as soon as we could to have our own money to go out and have fun with our friends and find new adventures. Many times I travelled throughout NSW with friends in their car club, long weekends away visiting country towns, sleeping under the stars. My first job was in retail sales, then I managed a few high-end retail stores, I still have great friends in my life from those days – I took time out from full-time work to have my beautiful son and enjoyed watching him grow as a youngster, I used to make fabulous quiches and chicken pies for a local deli to have a small income while he was young. I went back to work when my son was about 4 in an office this time, and lucky for me they were an amazing family that I still count as best friends today, I worked for this company for approximately 24 years, managing the franchise office for 4 years  and then the central office for 10 years and saw many changes, one of which was that all franchises were bought back by the parent company making changes to the dynamics of the company. I loved working there up until the last few years. I think inside I knew it was just not for me anymore, but consciously I was not ready to accept it. Fortunately that decision was made for me and now after always being drawn to different ways to enhance my life from courses in Crystal Healing, Fui Shui, and for so long now, many people asking why am I not doing what I am meant to do, why am I not healing, I realised why I have always had such warm hands, they were meant to be helping people. The next stage in my journey has begun with becoming a doTerra essential oils advocate leader practitioner. 

A Liquid Crystal Practitioner (TLC), an Angel Card Reader and incorporating the amazing Aromatouch Massage with Chakra Balancing which allows me to do a healing for my clients using these beautiful essential oils. I look forward to what each new day to brighten and bring fulfilment into my life.


Salon Management and Qualified Barber (DIP), Certificate 3 Hairdressing, Aroma Touch Practitioner, Certificate 3 in Fitness, Chakra Healer, Wedding Specialist, Editorial Stylist and Colourist specialising in chemical-free colour and organic products, Trichology Student

Jessica Carey is a 24-year-old Hair Artist with a passion for a natural lifestyle of wellness, nourishment and balance. Her organic and environmentally friendly salon JC’s Inspirational Hair situated in Warwick, Queensland has been running since 2010, providing a safe and healthier alternative, in a tranquil environment free from toxic fumes. 

Over this time she has had the opportunity to travel and further her knowledge working in Europe and London. During her time abroad her body was pushed out of balance and she fell ill and has learnt first hand the significant importance of keeping the mind, body and soul in harmony. Always living an active life, connected to nature and the simple pleasures, these little bottles of love were the perfect fit to support the happy and healthy lifestyle that she had temporarily lost. Doterra Essential Oils were introduced into her life to providing emotional, physical and spiritual support to realign and heal her body back to vibrant health. She is now following her heart and studying a Holistic Health Practitioner Course to guide others on a “Wave of Wellness.” With her intention to support others to nourish, restore, balance and heal their body to live a life of bliss. She is passionate about nurturing your feminine power, trusting your intuition and connecting to the immense strength, love and light that each of us has inside our hearts. Jessica shows immense gratitude and love for every situation in life and wants to empower and inspire you to tune in, listen, connect and love every inch of yourself to live the positive, fulfilling life you deserve right this very moment.nt.


Bachelor of Nursing and Wellness Advocate

Brooke is a Registered Nurse of 20 years. She has worked both nationally and internationally, specialising in the area of Critical Care. She has also spent some time as a Community based RN and as a specialist RN in Nuclear Medicine. In her BC period (before children), she was a passionate traveller and lived and worked overseas. She worked in 23 Intensive Care Units in London but also spent time with the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta and 13 months in South America as a Tour Leader. Brooke was fully indoctrinated in the Allopathic Medical model until a series of devastating and preventable personal losses prompted her to seek direction from other avenues. She is now privileged to say that she has seen both sides of the coin. Brooke is an impassioned healer who lives by the mantra that “when we know better, we do better”, so has set on a journey of self-discovery and self-education. She believes 100% that Mother Nature has been doing it right for millennia, that nature has its own pharmacy and that we don’t need to fix what ain’t broken! She believes that food, sunshine, exercise and laughter are medicine and that most of what ails modernised society today can be mended with natures’ pharmacy. She believes that education, not medication is the key! She is a mum of three, whom she adores but will readily admit “ain’t no angels”! Brooke wants to heal the world and bring humanity back to basics. She wants people to realise that they can be the drivers of their own bus and that poor health (in most cases) is not bad luck and that optimal physical, mental and spiritual health can be achieved through diet and lifestyle change. She wants people to grab that steering wheel with both hands and steer that bus where they want it to go, it is a choice!!!


Teacher, Founder of Mummapath and Wellness Advocate

Kelly is first and foremost a Mum. She has spent years and years looking for natural, holistic ways to raise her family. She has three gorgeous children, who take up the majority of her time and attention. Having children led her down the road of natural medicine, and an all organic, non-toxic lifestyle. She only wanted the best for the kids and their health and was determined to find natural ways to treat their every struggle. She moved to an all organic diet years ago and made sure there are no added toxins in her house. This is where she started Mummapath, a facebook page and blog to share the knowledge she had found and to encourage other parents to join her on the natural path. She is not a Naturopath, just a Mummapath, doing it her way, the natural way. Prior to becoming a Mum, Kelly worked as a middle-school Teacher, majoring in Behaviour Management. Those years studying taught her the ability to become a lifelong learner, and to continue studying throughout the years. It has also provided her with the passion to teach others, this time not in a classroom, but about Essential Oils. Kelly was introduced to Essential Oils through a random Facebook encounter when her newborn was unwell. She found a Wellness Advocate who was willing to support her baby through her sickness, and in turn, she saw the power and effectiveness of the oils. It was then, that she knew she needed them in her life. It was not long after that, that Kelly realised that not only did she need the oils, she needed to share the oils, and teach the world about the power of the oils. She needed to teach people how to use the oils in their everyday life, whether that is in sickness, or in health, diffusing or in cooking, and everything in between, but predominantly she needed to teach her friends to have the necessary tools on hand to keep their family healthy. 


Personal Trainer, Life coach and Past Life Regression Therapist

 I started Personal Training several years ago. Soon after being qualified I became pregnant with my first child. Experiencing my first pregnancy and a very challenging and difficult first 6 months of being a first time mum I decided that it was such a magical, transforming time in women's lives and I wanted to guide and mentor other women to embrace the changes, learn, live, grow, connect and accept the new challenges that becoming "MUM" present. I am passionate about empowering ourselves and creating community with "All things Healthy" Through a ripple effect, I am sharing my expertise in Essential Oils, nutrition, movement and awareness of mental framework, to help change the lives of Mothers so as to empower and guide them to be fulfilled, aligned and peaceful from within. My intention is that then this will filter through the family and touch the lives of so many others. Kids, partners, parents.  Jump Aboard, join our team and choot choot - full steam ahead into a life you deserve and create for yourself!


I was exposed to the yogic lifestyle throughout my childhood, living with my parents in Ashrams throughout India, Australia and the US. My mother, Shachi, has been a strong influence in my life, as a healer and yogi she introduced me to Meditation, Yoga, Kirtan (chants) and Healing from a young age. Also growing up in Rosebank, the hinterlands of Byron Bay I had the space to appreciate and connect with nature. The strong impressions left from this upbringing have been powerful in realizing my own intuitive relationship to myself, community and the divine.  My own journey led me to travel the world in search of understanding and inner peace. After being exposed to cultures throughout Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and Central America and my own emotional turbulence with life challenges, I have developed a stronger sense of self and always open to embracing more growth into my life. This combined with my heightened intuition and sensitive connection to my body has led me to the path of healing. Working on a private yacht instigated my passion for massage. Completing my Sivananda yoga teacher training in The Bahamas ashram, re-inspired my dedication to a yogic lifestyle. A committed meditation practice revealed my psychic awareness and connection with the spirit world, to use for holistic healing. After returning back to my homeland a few years ago and completing a diploma in Remedial Massage and my KaHuna Hawaiian Bodywork training, I am inspired daily to share these healing modalities with the world. My passion for devotional chanting has led me to receive more voice and harmonium training. Giving me the confidence to share this beautiful practice with the local community through holding weekly Kirtans with my soul sister, Tanya. My journey through sound began as a child, firstly with my parents as avid chanters within the yogic tradition which inspired my journey to use sound for healing. But then my mother was immersed in the Israeli music world, with her own studio and record label, I was then exposed to another form of devotional music which influences me deeply. I am now thriving off of singing and sharing how powerful this form of healing can be, to lift ourselves into a lighter and brighter place in our lives.  The beautiful sanctuary of The Crystal Castle in the hinterlands of Byron Bay is a place which has received a lot of my energy the past couple of years, either through yoga, kirtan, meditation, sound healing, aura readings or working with the crystals. These important aspects of my life are also now being integrated into my healing work.  I have recently taken on the role developing new workshops for The Crystal Castle and training other women to facilitate these and adopted the role of a key facilitator running four workshops a day.  Workshop and retreat facilitation is where my heart is, as I have finally found a niche where I can combine everything I do, under one umbrella.  My past theatre experience and teaching career provided me with the skills to be comfortable in front of large groups of people. I have been focusing on running retreats and workshops mostly for women, on their healing path. Tanya and I have also been running a beautiful regular retreat since 2012, “Nourish Your Soul Retreats” for women and hoping to go expand this path together internationally!  Nevertheless, my insatiable desire to learn more about various healing modalities continues to expand. I understand the importance of these natural remedies within such changing times of shifting consciousness throughout the world.  My ultimate goal is to help in bringing healing to others, through whichever modality my heart is called to share, and by living a high vibration life, which is pure, peaceful and inspiring to others.


My spiritual journey was originally sparked as a child when my mother first began to practice Reiki on me. Since that point, I was captivated and amazed by the spiritual world but at that young age, it was merely a concept.  All this changed when my faith was tested and a burning passion to pursue and master my spirituality commenced.  Upon working on myself, a strong desire to share what I had attained with the world became evident and I set out on the path as a Healer.  Originally I was not sure on the specific road I would take, I just knew it would involve helping others. I have completed my Certificate IV in Kinesiology, Level 1 & 2 Kahuna Bodywork, Reiki Masters, Advanced Liquid Crystals. I have also been running weekly Meditation and Sound Healings on the Gold Coast and facilitating crystal and sound healing workshops at The Crystal Castle, Byron Bay.  I am currently in my final year of Diploma in Kinesiology and enthusiastically looking for ways of deepening my knowledge and spiritual guidance.  I live a very active and physical life; enjoying surfing, playing sports, being outdoors and travelling. This leads me to follow a strong passion for nature and how we as human beings can best enjoy all the wonderful gifts offered to us. It is my belief that to truly enjoy and get the most out of life, we need to be able to live optimally and get the most out of ourselves.  Be it on a Physical, Emotional or Mental level, we all deserve the chance and opportunity to live this way.  This thought has been the foundation of my personal journey and has allowed me to dive deeper within to better understand, and facilitate the healing journeys of others.  Being very passionate about sports and exercise, I am really drawn towards working physically (physical pain, sports performance, etc) but undeniably I am always drawn back to emotional work (trauma’s, stress, anxiety, etc). I feel this is an area many need help in, and by dealing with the emotions we can excel physically.  

The cornerstone of my passion throughout this journey lies with the smallest people with the smallest voices – kids. Children are the future and next generation and often grow in the shadow of challenging conditions.  I feel it is essential for children to be afforded the best possible prospective future, free from constraints of forebears and societal pressures.  The modalities I offer harness the potential to influence positive change and I have the passion and capability to facilitate your healing journey.


Psychology (PGDip), Criminology & Psychology (BA), Aromatouch & Chakra Balancing Practitioner and Trainer

Anastasia is passionate about helping people create freedom in their life. Pursuing a passion for understanding the human mind, Anastasia studied Psychology at University to help people find peace. Witnessing illness in her family and spending time in hospitals volunteering in children’s wards as an educational play therapist, Anastasia was inspired to explore healing. This led to travelling the world inquiring into many indigenous cultures to understand their forms of health and healing. Seeing the power in natural medicine she began researching and exploring many natural remedies and creating a natural way of life that empowered her to be in control of her health. It was not until she had her first son that she discovered doTERRA essential oils and the immense power of their healing. In the past three years, Anastasia has shared her passion for a natural way of life with the empowerment these pristine essential oils offer. Anastasia now enjoys teaching simple healing techniques and everyday uses for the essential oils in whole food cooking, self-care, toxic-free living and flourishing as a family. Anastasia’s vision is to see families enjoying inspired, conscious living, with vital health and empowerment in all areas of their life.

ZACH FILTNESS - doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader

Pilate (DIP) PPA, Applied Science (BSc)(H1), Pilates Alliance Australia (Level 3)

Zach Fitness is Principal Pilates Instructor and Pilates studio owner of Empower Pilates at Kirra Beach. He is dedicated to the art of movement. Zach’s forte is to help people connect with their body, focus their mind and nurture their spirit.  For fourteen years Zach has aligned with principles of Pilates, dance, tai chi, kung fu, and chi gong to inspire artful movement, allowing people to move with grace, power, ease and joy.  Zach has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Honours Class One, and a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction from Polestar Pilates Australia. He is a level three member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia and teaches Pilates instructors as a mentor for Polestar Pilates Australia.


Diploma in Dramatic Arts, Aroma Touch Massage Therapist and Chakra Energy Healer

Renee Baillie is a young enthusiastic 24-year-old with an identical twin. She is passionate about bringing out the best in people and encouraging everyone to be empowered and to take charge of their health.Growing up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland, Renee spent from the age of 4 in the performing arts industry, learning various dance styles including jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and musical theatre. Wanting to take her dancing career more seriously she finished year 11 and started a 2-year full-time course graduating with Diploma in Dramatic Arts in 2009.  In 2010 she moved to Surfers Paradise with her twin and got a job as a tour guide, she loved to entertain and always made sure that the tourists were having the best time possible.  In 2011 she and Nicole moved to Melbourne and got a job teaching and choreographing jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary at a couple of different dance schools. Renee also furthered her dance skills here getting her Bronze medal in Latin American and Ballroom and began teaching in these styles as well. Renee loves to teach, watching her students improve week after week was something very rewarding for her.  After deciding to move back to QLD in 2013 to be closer to their family Renee ended up meeting her partner who was from Adelaide and now resides down there with him. Moving away from her twin was the hardest thing she has ever done, but in a way, it has been a blessing because now she has found her individuality, a new confidence and has learnt things about herself she never knew.  In 2014 Renee was introduced to dōTERRA Essential Oils and became instantly drawn and passionate about these amazing wonders of nature. After seeing so many positive benefits for herself and family, Renee is now on a mission to empower everyone in taking back there health. She is now an Aromatouch massage Therapist and Chakra Energy healer and enthusiast about making the world a happier healthier place.

SUE LANE - doTERRA Silver Leader

Embracing Life, Nutrition and Exercise (Curves), Cert 4 Small Business Management (Tafe SA), Business Planning, Goal Setting, Leading Powerful work teams (MTS), Counselling (WEA), Project Management (AIOM)

Sue Lane is a confident presenter and speaker. Previously a Bank Manager and small business owner. For the last 9 years, she has been the owner of a Curves Women's Fitness and Weight Loss Centre. Her passion is helping ladies change their lives through exercise, nutrition and positive mindset. Sue has had tremendous experience in the healing journey. She feels privileged and passionate to share the many uses and benefits of Essential Oils to enable people to improve wellbeing, she finds this truly rewarding. Sue is a strong believer in the natural approach to health and being proactive.  We constantly hear her inspiring others “We can all be the very best version of us! I love what I do.”