In the past 4 months I have grown and achieved incredible things over coming heart break losing a loved one, and completing my first EVER half marathon, whilst completing a diploma in fitness and becoming an RPM instructor! I have been at my absolute lowest where I didn’t think I could go on and right now I couldn’t be happier and more positive and motivated to not only help myself but to help others.. it’s all thanks to Sandy Harvey and Nicole Baillie for introducing me to dōTERRA oils without them and these beautiful ladies I wouldn’t be where I am today! I have suffered incredibly from very anxious feeling and very low mood states for the past 3 years roughly and today it’s almost non existent like everyone I have my days but these dōTERRA oils have saved my life, and to think I went this long without them! One day I hope to share my story of success and hope to help this wonderful business grow and prosper and get the word out there as to how incredible they are.. just remember if I can do it after this long so can you!

Here is a message i received from one of our amazing mothers Chere Garland about her amazing son Blake.

“Just thought I’d share: After putting my son to bed he came out a bit later and asked if I could put some oil on his feet. I said yes and asked why. He told me he couldn’t stop thinking about his bad day and was upset about a boy that was teasing him. A few encouraging words and drops of citrus bliss on his feet he was soon fast asleep. I love when my kids ask for oils to help them feel better.”

Such an amazing story and thank you Chere for allowing us to tell the world 🙂

Yours in Health,

Nicholas Fairbairn

Feel Good Friday

A few weeks ago one of our team member woke up with the unpredictable occurrence of Bells Palsy. She was paralysed down one side of her face, could not even close her eye or blink. Speech was slurred.

Of Course she went straight to the doctor as you always should.

Her beautiful friend Tracey then suggested using oils to support her as well as what the doctor suggested and the doctor agreed.

After returning from the doctor she used her oil bible and started layering with oils suggested.

She went back to the doctor after a couple of weeks and the doctor said to her. I didn’t want to tell you this when you first presented to me but that you had one of the worst cases I had seen and did not expect much improvement for at least 6 months.

Well it has only been a few weeks and there is little evidence of the Bells Palsy. The doctor asked her what was she doing. She told her she was doing essential oils. The doctor said “of course, there is no scale to say whether you applying oils had any benefits or not BUT WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING DON’T STOP.”

Thank you to the combined efforts of a great doctor, the power of essential oils and Tracey for being an amazing friend and beautiful soul and sharing the oils with her friend in need.

Well done to one of our tribe for her success with the Paleo way. A great clean diet plus some amazing support from one of our naturopaths Samantha Bulloch and of course using amazing essential oils has really turned Holly Radnedge around. I remember when me and Sam first sat down with Holly.

It was a class put on by her friend Sean Thomas at Holly’s work and it was one of those classes where no one came except Holly because she was already there. Some people would be like what a flop of a class however me and Sam gave our one attendant Holly the attention she deserved and it warms my heart to see how far she has come.

So thank you Sean for creating a safe space for Holly to get the support she needed and of course thank you Sam for being the kind caring wise and loving person you are.

And thank you Holly for being open and brave to participate in change by stepping into the unknown. you are a superstar. Read the extract below from the Paleo way. Love these stories from our tribe members that I receive every single day.

“Today is from Holly, over to you Holly….

Feeling a bit emotional, 8 weeks ago I started my journey. I could not of got to this point with out all of u in this group and Pete Evans! I have had anxiety, chronic pain and was diagnosed 2 years ago with Fibromyalgia. 

I have been on heavy medication for the past 15 months. In this time, medications took the edge off my pain, I was working out at the gym 4/5 days a week and gaining an average of 1kg a month and the fatigue I was experiencing was taking over my life! 

It took me a lot to take on the Paelo way and now when people ask me, what are u going to do after the 10 weeks , my answer is – the Paelo way!!!

Yesterday I went and did a bio scan and I am very pleased with my progress. 7.1 kg down, off all medication and minimal pain (still struggling with tiredness – but not constant). I can also cook now!!! Thanks.”

I have been using them for just over a week now. Things have been very challenging in our house with a very emotional, high maintenance, angry, tantrum throwing 9 year old over the past few years. She wouldn’t listen, wasn’t doing what she was told and our house felt more like a war zone with constant yelling. My husband has also started working away again which also uped the anti to Miss 9’s bad attitude and poor behaviour! (sounds like a place you want to be, doesn’t it!) smiley I was so nervous about how bad things were going to get when the hormones really kick in and we hit the teenage years given how things were now????? SCARY!

I started her on DDR prime (1 tab before breakfast or dinner if I forgot on the morning) and applied in the morning and after school – a drop of balance, on guard, peppermint and elevation blend (was putting in on back of her neck but she is getting a little rash so now putting in arch of her foot) and of a night before bed – balance, on guard and lavender. I am also diffusing frank and lavender in her room of a night. I have been diffusing balance and frank in the house and peppermint at homework time.

I CANNOT explain the change in our house. There hasn’t been one raised voice, not one tantrum, not one meltdown – nothing for over a week! It like I have a completely new child!! It has been an absolute pleasure to be around my daughter again – we are even having fun and laughter in our house again! Hahaha who would have thought? Homework time is a breeze and the usual kickoff trigger of testing her spelling or times tables – is no longer a problem – we cruise through them now (fingers crossed it lasts! Lol)

I asked her how she felt about using the oils and she said – “they make me feel really happy and good, I really like them but someone at school told me I stink – but I don’t care?” Hahaha… these oils have changed our lives! It’s nice to look forward to waking up in the morning and my child coming home from school in the afternoon…

Happy to hear additional ideas and suggestions from other more experienced oil users? Anything I can add or change – let me know happy to turn up the happiness/calmness even more!!!